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Redeem credits for your favourite DLC or company merchandise. T&C's apply.

Training academy

We teach you all the tricks so you become a pro!

daily staff events & convoys

Never alone, simply hop in and game with us each evening at 7pm UTC.

home-built technology

Meet Consee, our beloved drivers hub with real-time convoy control panel. It keeps track of all statistics and upcoming events for you too!

custom truck fleet

All our drivers drive the latest trucks equipped with a large array of piloting accessories.

you vote and decide

All your suggestions go straight to a poll where all members get to vote.

weekly public convoys

Average turn up of 25+ trucks. You guide those each Friday and Saturday at 7pm UTC.

dedicated media team

Producing High-quality aftermovies and more!

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Applicant's Requirements:

  • You are motivated to guide the coolest convoys on TruckersMP each week
  • Willing to take part in at least 1 event/convoy per month
  • Minimum 50 hours of gameplay (on ETS2, ATS or combined)
  • No bans for the last 6 months
  • Discord with working microphone and fluent English speech
  • Required DLC’s:
    • Going East
    • Scandinavia
    • High Power Cargo Pack
    • Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
    • Wheel Tuning Pack

I meet all requirements

I agree with the minimum activity requirement of 1 event/convoy per month






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Applications are usually processed within 3 days. If yours takes longer, or you encounter an error when submitting, do not hesitate to contact our staff on Discord. We look forward to processing your application.

Frequently asked questions

Per event you attend you get 1 credit with a value of €0,10. The accumulated credits can be redeemed after 9 months of continued membership.

Yes, we demand you attend 1 convoy each month. This keeps inactive drivers out.
If you happen to be busy and have a valid reason for it, simply contact our staff to go stand-by.

Yes, we have a trial membership program. Simply mention in your application you want the trial programme first.

No, we deem maturity and a professional application more important than age.

The DLC’s are strictly required to run the truck fleet (company profile). Contact staff on Discord, we may be able to help you.

No, all software simply runs on your browser. We provide you with login details after your application approval.

Convoy Security Group

Convoy Security Group is an online virtual trucking company (VTC) specialized in convoy and event services. Operating on TruckersMP.

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